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Participant on the MoneyLab walking tour
This tour directs your focus beyond the typical tourist attractions to another layer of the city.... On each and every stop, what fascinated me most was just how much finance–something we think about as being largely invisible–has left its mark on the city’s landscape.

Participant on the boat tour:
The boat trip with Simon’s unbeatably fascinating commentary was extra-ordinary.

I thought I knew the city quite well. I've been to college there and done numerous trips to the city after that. However this tour showed me aspects of the city I'd never seen before, it also shed a new light on places I'd walked by dozens of times.

If you're at all interested in the financial history of the city this tour is a must-do.

Tamara Cook, Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Simon knows everything anyone would want to know about the history of the Dutch banking and payments and can speak to how this evolution took placed based on his analysis. A great resource for anyone wanting to learn more.

J. Denissen
Very entertaining. The history of money and financial services reflected in the buildings and architecture of Amsterdam.

Raymond Groenewoud
Nice combination of Dutch finance history and site seeing Amsterdam!

Very good tour in the centre of Amsterdam with a different point of view worthwile for financials and non-fiancials