Charging bull sudenly lands in Amsterdam....

Just last week, the Amsterdam city and its inhabitants were taken by surprise. Early Thursday morning, the 5th of  July, the famous charging bull of Wall Street had suddenly landed on Beursplein 5: the square where NYSE Euronext operates the Amsterdam stock exchange. It was a present of the artist Arturo di Modica, who felt that our stock markets could use some positivism and a new impulse.

Charging Bull in front of
Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
foto: Simon Lelieveldt
The illegal placement of the Raging Bull led to some discussion with the city authorities. While the initial response was that the bull had to be removed, they later reviewed their
stance as they realized the opportunity it provided. It is after all, the third bull placed in a financial district. The Wall street bull turned into a tourist attraction and so did the one that was placed in Shanghai, a couple of years ago.

I would say that the artist chose his moment wisely. Here in Europe we are in for quite a turbulent period. In the next months and year we will find out if and how all the eurocrisis measures are going to be implemented. And one thing is for certain: with all the budget cutbacks, predicted contractions and slow downs here in Europe, the business and investment climate can defintely use an impulse.
Charging Bull at Beursplein Amsterdam

Meanwhile I am a bit puzzled by one thing. It was only in March of this year that the artist had announced (when he was in Dubai) that he was working on a third bull. In fact he was quoted saying:
“I am working on another Charging Bull which will be placed in the United Arab Emirates and complete the triangle of peace and prosperity".

So perhaps it's best to cherish this Charging Bull here in Amsterdam before it becomes a travelling bull that leaves for the warmer climate in Dubai.