Google Street View now also covers the inside 'streets' of the Palace on the Dam in Amsterdam

As many may know, the Palace in Amsterdam wasn't really a palace when it was built. It was the city hall of Amsterdam. And as I was using Google Maps to locate the building I noticed a green arrow on the Dam. And it had an interesting button: street view:

Curious as always, I clicked on the button to end up with the 'street view' from the interior of the Palace. I hadn't noticed this before, but I remembered some generic announcements about Google Street View inside buildings, last year. And it's a neat and great feature indeed. One can visit and watch the different rooms in the Palace and their decorations at ease. And this also allows for an off-line preparation of a visit to the palace. See for example the view in the center hall:

So I can only encourage you to try it for yourself. If you wish to proceed to the different corners of the building is, you can try to get there using GoogleMaps. But it is way easier to just follow this link to the Google Art Project Page for the Amsterdam Palace.